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Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015

Gold Medal

‘Spirit of the Aegean’ – World Garden sponsored by Noble Caledonia

This vibrant, colourful garden was sponsored by specialist tour and cruise operator Noble Caledonia, who operate tranquil, relaxing garden themed cruises in the Mediterranean and Aegean. The design was inspired by family summer holidays spent on the Aegean coast.

The garden represented the timeless image of unspoiled islands, beautiful scenery, ancient sites and whitewashed villages alive with colour from bougainvillea, which are perfect for exploration by small ships. Visitors were drawn into the garden towards a fountain, whilst areas of vertically planted fuchsia and pink Bougainvillea accentuated the perimeter. Blue walls had contrasting white aluminium panels set into them, which were reminiscent of the architecture of the region. Oleander shrubs and lavender were reflected in the still turquoise water of the rills set around the shaded seating area and wherever visitors stood, soft spires of deep purple and white contrasted with structural cubes and spheres. The hard landscaping incorporated porcelain paving set on pedestals and permeable paving both of which allowed any rain to filter through to the soil below.

Hampton Court Garden – Planting List

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