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Istanbul Beşiktaş Festival

Istanbul Beşiktaş Festival

Spirit of an English Garden

The low-level hedging was based on a traditional geometric Islamic pattern often found on an Iznik tile and used widely in Ottoman architecture and design. The garden had all the elements of an English garden – lawn, gravel path, fountain and herbaceous borders typical of English planting.  The trees, shrubs and flowers transported you to a summer’s day in England, taking a walk along the path, sitting on the lawn and listening to the sound of the fountain.

Making Peace in Beşiktaş!

The Beşiktaş International Flower and Garden Festival took place in May 2016 in all the parks, squares and streets. The theme was “Making Peace”. It aimed to contribute to the city culture with the Festival, during which the public spaces in Beşiktaş were used. Furthermore, the Festival aimed to revive the human-nature relationship in cities, by developing the culture of personal gardening and growing flowers at home that have fallen into oblivion and by raising the society’s perception of botanic, permanent agriculture and green environment as well.

It was free-of-charge to visit and participate in the Festival, which embraced all ages as it offered a great platform for entertainment and an opportunity to come up for air and relax in the heart of the city for the entire Istanbul community. There were also scientific, educational, cultural and artistic activities.

The Festival had the support of about 100 companies, many national non-governmental organisations, international delegations and consulate generals, district and metropolitan municipalities, universities, national and international designers in various fields, and non-profit organisations.

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